These Two Are Positively NOT Like Two Peas In A Pod!


Our App Is Getting Rave Reviews!


The iPhone Mom:

“My daughter really enjoys matching the twin’s outfits and playing on the doodle pad. Sam and Ben is a wonderfully written, interactive children’s book that keeps a young child entertained while they hear a positive message about family.”

“Sam and Ben is an interactive storybook app for children which tells about both the similarities and differences of twin brothers. It contains interactive elements like animations and sound effects within the story and it also provides several activities that children will surely enjoy spending their time on. Your children will surely have fun while learning lessons about uniqueness and individuality.”


Adventures in Parenting:

“The language is simple and easy for children to understand. The message is clear without being hokey. And the watercolor illustrations are absolutely darling. You just want to scoop up Sam and Ben and give them smooches! It’s an especially great book for families with twins.”


Best Apps for Kids: 4.5 Star Review

“Same and Ben is an amazing eBook app with a lovely story, solid lesson of acceptance and neat extras. ”


Pad Gadget, 4.5 Star Review:

“This app is a gem among iPad delivered books and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up –particularly if you have twins in your friends and family circle!”






Smart Apps For Kids:

Bottom Line: If you have more than one younger child, I recommend it as a lesson on diversity and differences, even within a single family.”


A Matter of App: 4.5 Star Review

“This is a heart warming story that parents can find useful to read with their child to highlight how everyone has similarities and differences, whether its with twins, siblings, or friends.”